Hoboken Clinic

After graduating, as chief resident in the Internal Medicine residency program of Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, Dr. Graves decided to always to be an advocate for his patients. This required Dr. Graves to coordinate the care of his patients with other medical specialists. At times Dr. Graves has solicited the opinion of the Chairman of the Department of Cardiology at NJCM&D and the chief of depressive psychiatric services at Columbia Psychiatric Institute.

As a “traditional” physician, house calls are made on a regular basis. If patients need to speak with Dr. Graves he is available at the end of morning hours and again at 5PM. Our office provides laboratory service on premise as well as complete radiological testing on site. These tests can all be arranged within 48 hours of your visit. All patients are notified of their laboratory and radiological results within 24 to 48 hours.

Dr. Graves is a proponent of annual physicals for his patients. It is very difficult for an internist to gather all your health information within a 15 to 20 minute office visit. During his thirty years of medical practice, Dr. Graves has incorporated alternative medicine into the care of his patients.

Dr. Jared Graves, MD

Hoboken Medical Group is home to Jared Graves M.D., the leading Internal Medicine. Dr. Graves runs a traditional medical practice with a caring and compassionate staff. The office has a convenient location with ample parking. To make things even easier, laboratory and radiology services are on site and appointments are scheduled within 48 hours of your visit.

As the top rated Internist in the region, Dr. Graves values his relationship with each and every patient. He routinely consults with other medical professionals in various specialties to determine the best course of treatment and care. He is a true advocate for his patients and even goes so far as to make house calls on a regular basis. Over 90% of patients will be seen on the day they request so call today to schedule your appointment!